Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great communication tool if used properly. An email campaign is a one or more emails sent to a group of recipients who have opted in to an email list. A timed or “drip” campaign will send out emails at regular intervals (perhaps once per week). The stream of timed emails will be triggered by a specific action by each recipient – usually by the recipient signing up to receive the emails. This cycle may be repeated for a specified number of iterations.


  • Saves you money.

  • Sending communication via Event Campaign is considerably cheaper than sending via traditional post.

  • Saves you time.
  • Compiling, testing and sending an email marketing campaign can be completed by us in a matter of hours or minutes, not days, freeing up your time to let you do what you do best.

  • Helps build brand awareness.

  • Regular communication with your clients’ helps you build awareness and enhance customer loyalty.

  • Allows you to track responses instantaneously.

  • Event Campaign shows you who opened your e-newsletter, what links they may have opened and how they responded to your campaign.
  • Lets you communicate directly with your target audience.

  • Your e-newsletter is delivered straight to the inbox of your client, allowing you to push your message to your audience.
  • Allows you to communicate personally with your clients.

  • Each message sent via Event Campaign can be personalized for each recipient. Sending an e-newsletter to Dear George, reads a lot better than sending it to Dear Sir, or Dear Customer.


  • Plan your email campaign: It’s important to plan your email campaign well in advance before the newsletter sending date. As our targeted audience is from US and Canada, so we will have to search email IDs from these locations.

  • Design a Marketing Page: We will create separate marketing page or we can say landing page for newsletter campaign. In this page we will provide as much as information of our company products and services. We will create design mockup options of the landing page and send it to client for approval. This page includes the Check Out or Buy Now options available so that any one can directly buy any products or services from landing page itself. Client will provide us the content of landing page.

  • Segment and personalize: After creating the separate landing page, we will start planning the newsletter Segment and offers. What type of offers and discounts we are providing to our client is also included on the newsletter.

  • Design Newsletter: After getting the newsletter content from client and also analyzing the different segments, we will start creating the design of newsletter. We will send the design mockups of the newsletter for client approval. We will add the unsubscribe button on our newsletter so that if any recipients want to quit receiving the newsletter then he/she can do it through submitting hi/her email address on unsubscribe forum.

  • Test before you send: We will send the final newsletter to client for his/her approval. Only After getting the client approval, we will blast it to searched email IDs.

  • Update Email Data List: We will remove all the unsubscribe emails from the master email data list. We will also search more relevant email IDs.

  • Blast Schedule: We will send the newsletter blast once in a month. Every month we will create new design of newsletter, and add unique content.



  • Create a Clear Call to Action in Email Marketing Campaigns
    Make sure recipients of your email marketing message know what you expect them to do (and what they can expect in return).

  • Include an Easy to Use Un-subscription Link in Newsletters
    Unhappy subscribers are worse than no subscribers. An easy and fail-safe way to unsubscribe is a way to make subscribers happy.
  • Inform Your ISP about Your Email Marketing Activities
    The connection to your ISP is one of the most important. So make sure they know that you’re sending legitimate bulk email and won’t disconnect you as a spammer.

  • Make Landing Pages Fit Your Email Marketing Campaign
    An email marketing campaign is nothing without a landing page, so make sure it visually belongs to its campaign and does not irritate the user.

  • Make Sure Un-subscriptions are Effective Immediately
    Avoid a spam-like impression by making sure un-subscriptions from your newsletters or email marketing lists go into effect immediately.

  • Test the Layout of Your Newsletter with Email Clients
    Make sure your email marketing message looks good not only in your email program, but in your recipient’s, too.

  • Use Your Brand in the Subject
    Spark interest, and make your recipients comfortable with opening your marketing messages.